The Real World

3: The Final Four Get Pumped

This week on… The Real World :

Special thanks to our sponsors Cough-E™: Tired AND have pneumonia? Drink Cough-E and all of your problems will disappear!

Well, faithful viewers, our Final Four have been whisked off to the location of the FINAL CHALLENGE! But what will it entail? Our contestant David ponders the circumstance while Zoe wisely chooses to give herself an edge over the competition with the delectable and potent Cough-E™! What do you think the final challenge will entail? Tell us your guess in the comments above!


Are you on the edge of your seat? Fear not! The Real World will continue this Friday.

Created by Team 1F: Madison Thorpe, Denzel Minnis, Maria Schleh, and Lauren Van Nostrand


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