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Artist’s Blog #3

March 29th

Remember what I said last time? About things looking up?

Yeah, forget all of that.

My new Youtuber friend and I have been meeting up at the same bar to talk about how our creations are doing. Her channel isn’t really taking off, and well, you all know what’s going on with me and my art.

That’s not the important part, though.

Apparently, my new friend doesn’t really believe in limits. While this can be good when making creative and inventive videos, it is problematic when it comes to drinking.

All I remember from last night is her pushing more drinks over to me, slurring something about me “still looking blue,” and then blackness.

I can make a few educated guesses, though. Specifically, I can guess that somehow we ended up in a tattoo parlor.

I feel like such an idiot. I am living a Jimmy Buffet song without even being perpetually drunk enough to ignore the realization.

It probably doesn’t help that the tattoo says: “do you know da wae?”

I hate everything.


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