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Artist’s Blog #4

April 2nd

So, I think my friend has finally decided that there is a limit to how much tequila she can drink in one sitting. Apparently this hangover we’re stuck with is too much even for her.

It’s nice to think that we might find less self-destructive ways to pass the time. We’ll have to think of stuff to do later, though, because even thinking is too painful for thinking.

Instead, we just decided to pull out an old classic, the Pokemon movie.

Man! I haven’t seen this thing in years. It is so nostalgic. Kind of stupid, though. I mean, the kid dies and everyone cries and then, done! No more conflict at all! If only everything can be solved that easily.

OMG! I just looked over to my friend, and she’s crying. We just finished the scene where Ash gets revived and she’s got tears running down her cheeks.

And, she just read over my shoulder and is trying to wrestle my phone away from me as I type. Unfortunately for her, I am an older sibling, so I know a thing or two about keeping things out of the way of smaller annoyances.

I should probably concentrate on that, before I fall off of the arm of the couch. I’ll probably have something to say about the stuff we’re making next time.


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