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Artist’s Blog Finale

April 4th

Wow! I bet you guys weren’t expecting me to come back with good news so soon, but as I was looking through  my old art, I noticed something I forgot that I had drawn.

I’m not going to describe it (duh, that’s not what art’s for) but I guess seeing it through this new lens made me realize that it’s actually pretty good.

I’m not the only one who thought it was good, though. I decided to try selling it online, and guess what? Some wealthy guy saw it and bought it immediately! He’s even planning to make a bunch more commissions soon, too.

I told my friend this, and she looked so smug. It was as if she knew that as soon as I tried, I’d get somewhere. I guess she did; it was her idea for me to go looking at what I had made, so she must have guessed I had something worth selling.

Maybe she had too much faith in my abilities, or I had too little. Either way, it turns out that I might be able to keep drawing after all.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up my blog, but, I just want you all to remember, you’ll always fail if that’s what you expect to happen. You need at least some confidence if you want to get anywhere.


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