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Vague magic of vagueness incomingNo more art from this guy. See where he's heading below.
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Artist’s Blog Post #1

March 16th-


“Oh, follow your dreams! Just let inspiration take you wherever it leads! I have no idea what it means to actually make something!”

I’ve been trying to actually draw this comic for months, and nothing’s happening! All of these ideas and they justĀ suck! Apparently ‘inspiration’ doesn’t do diddly squat for actually making things! I just stare at these blank pages, waiting for something to happen, well, NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

I’m mostly inspired just to write this dumb blog. At least with this I can actually get my thoughts out as I do random chores and my day-job. I’m probably just going to leave my comic unfinished for the next week. Or month. Or year.

All I can really hope for is some kind of miracle to actually get this thing working. I guess I’ll keep my many, many fans updated on my progress in getting through this pathetic chaos known as life.

Oh, how clever. Maybe I should’ve been a writer instead. Then I might be getting paid for something other than flipping burgers.


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