Current Webcomics

Dix the Goblin

Dix, a female goblin, lives underground and is terrified of the dark. Her fear comes from the literal sense of darkness with being underground but also an internal fear that translates into claustrophobia and feeling trapped below ground and around her people no matter what.

Shellbert the Gallant

Shellbert the Gallant follows the story of a knightly hermit crab named Shellbert. He has come to The Beach on a quest to slay a mighty “Dragon”, which in actuality is a Seagull.

Sir Henry the Spooky

Sir Henry the Spooky claims to want to go to the world of humans to scare them in time for spooky month, but in actuality really just wants Azon the Stoics attention. Azon the Stoic is obsessed with Sir Henry the Spooky and wants to try to stop him from leaving, but everytime Sir Henry calls him, he hangs up. All while this is going on Azon is receiving the advice of a kleptomaniac Leprechaun.


The story follows three college students living in a fictional city known as Hudgins. The characters are: Charlie King AKA Heatwave, Jon Jeon AKA The Blur, and Ian Henshaw AKA Zero. Charlie is able to create and manipulate fire and smoke, Jon has super speed and is able to project energy from his speed, and Ian has telekinesis, and eventually manipulation of time and space.


Despite being one of the most prosperous cities in the U.S., New York City has had more than its fair share of disturbing individuals. One of these people is David Whittaker, an intelligent, OCD driven businessman who moonlights as The Monster of Brooklyn, NYC’s most prolific serial killer to date. As a child, David underwent experimental therapeutic treatment; a therapist attempted to get David to “expel” his disturbed nature in an almost literal sense of the term. David instead mentally expelled what little good was left in him. This good nature clings to him in his “living shadow” who he named Rudy.

I Hate Halloween

Halloween was his favorite holiday, until Lucas died on it and became “Boocas.” In his ghostly afterlife, he attempts to find a new favorite holiday by celebrating different holidays throughout the year.