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Forget art imitating life, what happens when art supplies imitate an artist?Where has the artist been all this time? Read below to find out.

Artist’s Blog Post #2

March 27th

I guess I was right; getting out of the house is helping.

It isn’t helping me get any inspiration (duh) but I am feeling a little better about myself. Mostly, because I made a new friend.

I was at a bar, trying to get over this whole dry spell artwise when this girl came up to me. Apparently, she overheard me complaining about my failing art and wanted to meet a fellow content creator.

She’s my first Youtuber friend– even showed me some of her videos. It’s nothing to write home about yet, but she’s pretty funny, and fun to hang out with.

Maybe things aren’t going to be so bad. Not while I have someone to complain to about how much not knowing what to drawnext sucks.


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