Nat Turner: A Story without words

The graphic novel, Nat Turner, by Kyle Baker, is a very interesting interpretation of Nat Turner’s story.  The question I want to answer is whether or not having words in this graphic novel ruins the author’s message. The author uses credible sources from Nat Turner himself while filling in the rest of his story with the author’s imagination.  Having the story of Nat Turner being told, barely without any words, creates visual imagery within the mind of the reader. The pictures are what tells the story of Nat Turner and with that, they evoke more emotion from the reader. For example, in this picture of Nat Turner’s mother getting branded you don’t need words to know the pain she felt. Just the change of the panels from seeing the branding iron to seeing it on her, you can imagine the scream coming from her mouth. Even the words that are added later within the novel are the turning point of […]

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