The Real World

6: The Final Four’s First Vote

This week on… The Real World :

Well, America, our Final Four have spoken, and Amanda becomes the first victim of this grueling final round! Who will be called next, and who will outsmart, out-endure, and out-perform the others??

Would you have voted like the Final Four did? Tell us your opinion in the comments section above!

Interested in souvenirs from The Real World? Amanda has kindly bestowed on us some personal belongings that will be auctioned off at our website! First come, first serve, so be sure to hurry on over before everything is gone! 


Aching to find out who will be eliminated next? Not to worry! The Real World will continue this Wednesday!

Created by Team 1F: Madison Thorpe, Denzel Minnis, Maria Schleh, and Lauren Van Nostrand


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